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Respiratory care in DMD downloadable brochure

Whether to help a conversation at the doctor’s surgery or to explain Respiratory Function Decline and the importance of respiratory care to family and friends, the key information found on this website can be downloaded and printed at home.

Download the brochure now.


Respiratory care in DMD downloadable factsheet

This useful factsheet for patients with DMD or their carers provides some need-to-know facts about respiratory care in the condition. Download it and print it at home to share with people who might like to know more – perhaps teachers or friends – or post it online to raise awareness about Respiratory Function Decline in patients with DMD.

Download the factsheet now.

“What to do in an emergency” downloadable information card

It is really important to know what to do in an emergency situation. The more prepared you are for occasions like this, the better you can handle them. There is crucial information that accident and emergency staff need to know when treating a patient with DMD. This downloadable information card provides the most important things that the hospital staff will need to know in an emergency.

Download the emergency card now.

Video library

These videos will be useful resources to learn more about respiratory function decline in DMD

What to expect at a visit to pulmonologist

More about coughing

Assisted cough

Night-time breathing

CPAP and BiPAP to aid night-time breathing

These videos have been developed in the USA by PPMD, and they are being shared with their permission.

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